Privacy Policy

Your privacy whilst browsing and using our website is very important to us and something we take very seriously. We understand that when you enter your details on our website, you trust us to act in a responsible and secure manner. To ensure we meet these high standards we have put several measures in place.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) regularizes the accumulation, expend, agreeing and processing of personal data in association with your habituate of the HomesShop24 internet site at (“Website”)

In addition to the HomesShop24 Speakers Mobile Application (“App”), some of which are meshed along general practitioner Acoustics International Limited, besides as the accumulation of your personal data at HomesShop24 Physical placements (delimitated below) along GP Acoustics International Limited.

We backlog the right to change the provender of this insurance policy at any time and you ought to review the terms by this Policy occasionally.


We may use your Data and impersonal information in observing ways:

  • Register, verify and bring off your story on the App and/or Website
  • Alleviate your log-in access to the App and/or Website admitting through the expend of cookies, for example. Launch and maintain your logged-on identity and then that you can handily browse, approach and use the App and/or Website without following requested to log-on repeatedly
  • processing your orders (whether along the Website, at HomesShop24’s tangible emplacements or differently) and meeting you regarding your orders whenever necessary, in addition to as arranging the legal transfer from the purchased goods
  • Furnishing product warranty and maintenance services and the purchaser and/or technical support to you
  • Intercommunicating with you about your account and getting off you truth about our products and services, likewise as features from the App and/or Website


We do not wittingly pull together personal data from children senesced below 13 or individuals under the age of majority in the country that they live. Whenever you consider that we have unknowingly collected so much entropy, please contact us at so that we can readily obtain parental consent or get rid of the information.


Physical registers of your Personal Data will be stacked away in a protected location with restricted accession. Electronic copies of your Personal Data will be hired away on hosts maintained from us and/or our third company overhauls suppliers, which are settled high-risk locations and protected by adequate data security measures (for example, sensitive data is encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet).